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. christin ayers shows us the celebrity who drew boos with the mere mention of the mayor's name. >> reporter: and dana, that celebrity is filmmaker michael moore. he was out here speaking to this crowd which has swelled to hundreds in the past couple of hours. this group is on their nightly general assembly meeting and planning a general strike next week against banks and other corporations. >> reporter: the crowd of provide testers swelled friday as michael moore took center stage in support of a movement that took on a life of its own. at the mere mention of jean quan's name. >> i sent her an email asking if we could speak. >> boo! >> police departments and police unions across the country supporting the "occupy" movement in their towns. albany, new york a beautiful example. the governor told them to remove the people and the police said, we don't consider that part of police work. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the mayor was in this press conference within earshot of the crowd explaining why she suddenly flip-flopped this week backing down from the crackdown that she authorized in
. the main portion of the house is what was essentially burned. firefighters having to use some of the pool water to help douse the flames last night. and right here is where the bride and groom were supposed to stand tomorrow for their wedding vows before family and friends with this sweeping view of the napa valley. but despite the loss of a home and a dream wedding location, the family says something remarkable has come out of it. friends reaching out so the wedding could go on. >> everyone's opened their home. they say you can have the wedding here. >> reporter: at the time of the fire, neighbors rushed in and grabbed valuables and photo albums. tom says this isn't the first time this home has burned down. >> there was another fire here in the early '80s set by an arsonist, and that house actually burned down at that time. >> reporter: as for the bride? >> she is holding it together. she goes through waves up and down. >> where was the wedding dress. it --where was the wedding dress? >> it was not here. it just got finished yesterday. >> reporter: investigators are still looking into th
foreigners spent $82 billion in u.s. residential real estate and the bay area is a hotbed. >> in the bay area, places like palo alto, i think that is healthy for the market records but there could be more in more diverse areas and the lure of a visa could be what it takes. >> some of these investors don't have visa and they are not going to put their money where they cannot travel or think can't see their investments personally. so if they happen to get a visa, hopefully they can come down and invest their money here, you know, that opens more opportunities for all of us. >> reporter: now, under the rules of these residence visas, the foreigners would not be able to take jobs here. they would have to still get a worker visa for that. but elizabeth, it's really interesting. they could invest as little as $500,000 or split it up weiner two properties, one $250,000 and then another $250,000. so theoretically they could live off some of the income and not have to work or if it's just an investment they could come here, live for a while and go home. >> thank you. >>> nearly 12,000 jobs were added
. >>> joining us now to talk more about steve jobs and his legacy is rafe needleman with cnet. thank you for joining us. the words genius, icon, visionary, come to mind. there is a whole generation of young people who don't know anything but apple. there are little children that get on their iphones. he -- he had such a vision. >> he knew how to make products that as i have always said bypassed our intellectual center and went straight to the emotions. and not only were they symptom use but they were enjoyable. they are enjoyable in ways that most other technology products really aren't. they really -- they're jewels. >> he wasn't just a techie kind of guy. he was a rock star to generations. >> he was able to -- he was a great salesman for his vision and his vision was out of this world. >> you know, it's one thing for him to step down. he was here. he was a phone call away. now he is gone. >> he was chairman of apple even after he stepped down as ceo. and now he is gone. and it's up to the current board and the ceo, tim cook to take that vision forward. and he -- jobs had not just the v
be but i'm hopeful that they can listen to us. >> reporter: so it appears that both sides are talking and listening and there may be a compromise in the works. as you can see, there are still tarps here but all the tents came down sunday night and there haven't been any more pop up here. so as of now, no police action. it doesn't appear there's any movement in that direction. dana, i should also mention the mayor's office put out a number today. more than $100,000 in taxpayer money, $80,000 of which are police officers on overtime, to deal with "occupy sf." >> thank you, joe vazquez in san francisco. >>> now, so far, the city of oakland has largely left its occupation alone. but the rodents haven't. officials say that the tent city on frank ogawa plaza is now attracting rats. there are also reports of violence, vandalism and drug and alcohol use. a viewer who emailed us says that the rat problem on the plaza is nothing new. still, it could be enough to get the protestors kicked out. until now, the city has been allowing the illegal encampment to continue so long as it stays peaceful.
? where do they get food, go to the bathroom? patrick sedillo takes us inside the occupation. >> reporter: welcome to the occupation. san francisco style. >> people have been dropping off donations. we have been getting pizza deliveries, coffee shops like starbucks have been really gracious with their day-old pastries. >> reporter: the antiestablishment protest that's against everything from former presidents to currency is actually establishing a village of its own with its own rules. >> no one is allowed to touch the food unless it's like a precut doughnut and they only touch the one they will get. we are using compost trash receptacles and recycling receptacles. >> reporter: this is protest central, home for the duration. the buffet lunch looks more like a bad picnic. there is a library, lost and found, even a medical area. >> i got pain reliever, ibuprofen in here. super glue helps for wounds. feminine hygiene products very important. >> reporter: one protestor even took to mopping the sidewalk because he wants to do his part. >> well, i would like to see this place cleaner and instea
, but after the first year, we don't know where the money is gonna come from. it reminds us of something that happened a long time ago when we decided to break down the state mental institutions and we said "we'll send them back to the communities," money was supposed to follow, it didn't. >> it didn't. >> this one is just as serious, we'll see what happens. >> all right. phil matier, thanks. >>> new information on a stabbing followed by a police shooting that left two dead and one injured. it happened in san francisco's richmond district in the 600 block of funston avenue. it turns out a man attacked his own parents. >> reporter: at the woo family welfare association in chinatown the news hit hard. one of their senior members, dennis woo, was attacked. >> that's bad. >> reporter: stabbed repeatedly in his home in the 600 block of funston this morning. his wife was also stabbed. she died. dennis woo is recovering. >> i know the guy from china, he is aness guy, has a family. >> reporter: police say the sailant was the couple's 44- year-old son. when officers arrived they saw the son with
a few blocks from the main campus. this is a look at the cbs 5 seismograph. the u.s. geological survey says magnitude 4.0. we have team coverage on the bay area quake tonight. christin ayers is at the epicenter. >> reporter: we are at the campus. students here confirm that they did indeed feel that jolt and saw --felt a lot of shaking and rattling going on and it could be felt all over the bay area. my photographer and were a mile away from the epicenter and felt a jolt in our live truck and assumed we had been rear- ended until we heard about the 4.0 earthquake. it could be felt all the over the bay area and was enough to cause the usual slowdowns on bart and caltrain, as well. the quake actually also not only caused some of those slowdowns as usual but it also caused some bay area residents their get just a little jittery. >> looked up, saw shake, moving, things falling off the wall, i thought it was bigger than it was. it felt to me like a 6. >> i thought someone hit our car. i felt the jolt and i looked back and what the heck was is that that? i thought someone -- then we saw the b
this tax break currently are using the money. the big question is whether or not the $104 million in tax breaks has created jobs and cleaned up the environment or been one big freebee of taxpayer money. this comes after solyndra went bankrupt after receiving a half billion dollars from the federal government and another bunch of money from state tax breaks. mayor chuck reed still believes it's wise to use tax pair money to help these industries. they say they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars and pays utility taxes. he believes the city is getting more in return than it is putting out. one company, solar power, got $715,000 from the city in 2007. married says the city has already recouped about $2,500,000 of that money. he says the company has invested $60 million in this city. >> their future, who know, it's a very competitive industry. not all will survive. they have created the investment and the jocks, we're happy to have jobs for people in san jose. >> this hasn't soured your enthusiasm for solar power or for investing in these companies? >> interview: we have about a do
. they are currently at washington between 7th and 8th. ann notarangelo is out there as well and tells us roughly 500 protestors on the move. it's a -- what appears to be a peaceful protest we are told. they have moved a dumpster into the roadway at some point. the marchers are angry at the arrest made this morning. roughly 100 people were taken out of frank ogawa plaza and arrested for the occupy sit-in. but this is the march right now and and we are told they are headed to the police headquarters. we are going to keep an eye on this. and in the meantime, "occupy" protests continue in other bay area cities. in san jose, an "occupy" protestser is gearing up for another night atop a large wall outside city hall. sean o'kelly says won't come down until officers stop removing other protestors from the plaza below. place rested seven demonstrators this morning -- police arrested seven demonstrators this morning. and ahead at 6:30, the san francisco supervisor who says it's time to shut down "occupy sf." >>> hundreds more protestors gathered in san francisco this afternoon to voice their concerns about th
that will suffer after batts resigns. >> it was a surprise. i think it was a surprise to all of us that he resigned. >> reporter: with a department that's been slashed by 20% and a murder rate that could be 100 by the end of the year, morale is low among officers and citizens alike. >> i think morale, our officers are doing the best they can in a very difficult situation. >> reporter: chief batts stressing he accomplished a lot here and it's time to move on. he may be accepting a position at harvard university. he told us that he had a work relationship with harvard for the past five or six years and they have offered him a job. but he has not accepted it. >> so the resignation is effective as of when? >> reporter: we do know that -- they have not said an actual date for when he will resign. there is no official date. but he will be leaving sometime around mid november. >> thank you. an interim will be named, i'm sure. >>> the gunman suspected of killing three coworkers at a cupertino quarry last week wasn't killed by police officers but a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. the santa clara county
investor in solyndra was helping that company compete for a potentially lucrative u.s. navy deal just before solyndra declared bankruptcy. >>> be kind or else. that's what vallejo city managers are telling workers at city hall. it's not just to be nice. christin ayers on the real motive behind this major attitude adjustment. >> reporter: you can call this a no more mr. mean guy approach the city of vallejo banning bad attitudes at city hall in hopes of bringing in big business. stand outside vallejo city hall long enough and you're bound it hear the complaints. >> you can tell by the body action and whatever, i don't know what you're asking me or that's not my department kind of thing. >> leave your problems at home and leave work at work. >> reporter: terry says when the city went bankrupt, staff was reduced and customer service went out the window. >> i think it's like a hit-or- miss. >> reporter: then there's the permit process, so complex that this coffee roaster claims it took four years to get this addition to his coffee roasting business cleared. >> it used to take a long time
and gentlemen. >> reporter: the feds are ned up. in the last 10 days the u.s. attorneys office issued dozens of letters like this to california dispensaries to close them down if they don't stop selling in 45 days. >> it's devastating to the patients, to the 16 states that have legal medical marijuana, and it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: the letters target shops like the marin alliance for medical marijuana in fairfax because it's located less than 1,000 feet from a little league field. >> this is unbelievably devastating. i'm so upset about it! >> reporter: supporters of medical marijuana hope this is just another scare tactic by the government. they say actually shutting down dispensaries would simply drive business back underground. >> what the federal government is trying to do is eliminate the open storefront and replace it with the black market. they are enriching the mexican drug cartels and these other bad guys that none of us wants to see succeed. >> reporter: marijuana advocates say they have heard these threats before. but the government insists this is no scare tactic. they say
, oakland police tell us that the victim is in critical condition. she has life-threatening injuries. she has been hospitalized at highland hospital. again, they say the search for this suspect continues. where that search continues, no one is saying. but as far as 35th and 580, this scene has been cleared. back to you. >> are on the, the car that the us is -- robert, the car that the suspect crashed, do police believe that it was his? >> reporter: they are not saying if the vehicle is registered to the individual they believe to be the shooter. all that they will say is that that vehicle has not been reported stolen. >> okay. all right. robert lyles in oakland, thank you. >>> shut down or else. it's a warning from the feds in a new crackdown on california pot providers. christin ayers live in fairfax with the latest fight over what is legal and what's not when it comes to pot. >>> reporter: we have learned that the federal government is sending out letters at least 16 of them so far two medical marijuana dispensaries, they are -- it is all part of the federal crackdown on the industry ta
this morning. he told us tuesday the crackdown never should have happened. >> i opposed the takedown of the camp and i was horrified by some of the police activities that occurred in the streets tuesday night. >> reporter: on facebook the backlash is more blunts. on quan's public page, one called the mayor a nazi, others urged her to resign. >> you can't trust anything they say. >> reporter: as occupiers began reconstructing their tent city on the city hall lawn, the mayor cancelled her weekly press briefing. protestors insist her actions are only making them stronger. >> tall did was -- all it did was galvanize the public, more fuel forth fire for the people. >> reporter: hundreds of these protestors gathered in the amphitheater here at city hall right now waiting to face mayor jean quan, who is expected to take the stage, speak to them directly in their strategizing session about the past couple of days and what's to come next. she has not taken the stage yet. but again, a very much- anticipated appearance here after keeping to herself all day today. one quick note, dana. we have h
getting over and over from city leaders who want their illegal encampments gone. but phil matier tells us, the protestors aren't the only ones who are apparently ignoring the orders. phil. >> reporter: that's right. it's interesting, for the past week we have been hearing city officials say there shouldn't be any tents here but like he said, not only are the catchers ignoring it; it appears that even mayor she ignoring it, as well. >> we've stated very clearly that their first amendment rights just like they have been expressing it is going to be enforced and we allow that to happen, but at the same time we have drawn lines. they can't overnight and we mean it. >> reporter: really? a week ago this tent city at justin herman plaza was half the side, today more tents are on the way. >> we have 300 people here tonight. i can see that doubling. i could see that tripling. >> reporter: while police, fire and health department official have been keeping an eye on things, they have been keeping a distance as well as more and more tents keep popping up. >> we have had the fire marshal come out and
't know if it will pass. but i think all of us are going to have it on our conscience that we are not doing anything to provide a safe city for oakland citizens. 88 homicides this year? i think that 3-year-old father and son and we are just continue talking and continue hoping for the perfect plan. i don't think it's a perfect plan but i think that giving the police the tools to work, something that has worked in the city. >> reporter: police claim the injunction has been working for north oakland for the past year. the new proposal would also include a strict ban on loitering in the neighborhoods be and day and night curfews for young people. but an organized group opposing the injunctions argue they don't work. >> expensive, i think it's overreaching. i think it doesn't do what it's meant to do. i think we have seen that it tends to increase tensions between law enforcement and the community. and i think we have seen that it is racial profiling. i think that we have seen that it suppresses people's activities rather than offering them opportunities to make changes. >> report
set up camps in city parks. an he used the police to enforce that ban. but here in oakland, where the mayor marched with protestors saturday, and where a tent city has sprung up directly in front of city hall, it's a different story altogether. >> day to day we evaluate it day to day. we're not facilitating camping. we are trying to make sure people have their free speech rights. it is obviously a balance. it's obviously a balance to do those things. >> reporter: so far, however, the city appears willing to allow the demonstrators to set the bar on that balance. for while the city has been issuing guidelines daily it's been pretty much up to the demonstrators over which ones they are going to tomorrow. -- over which ones they are going to follow. campers are staying off sidewalks but they have do have dogs and they have set up kitchens against health and park rules. most blatantly, some of them have moved into a second park in open defiance of the city. there have also been reports of drug use and intimidation of people seen as being part of the corporate media or covering the cam
in the oceanside town of seal beach just south of los angeles. a reporter tells us witnesses say the gunman came ready for a firefight. >> reporter: just a half mile from the site of the shooting this home video was taken as police caught the manthey say shot nine people inside a seal beach hair salon. six people died inside the salon, three were taken to the hospital. now two of the three who were taken to the hospital have been pronounced dead, as well. >> as far as the updated information that i have for you this afternoon, it appears that two of the three that were transported to our local hospital have died of their injuries. >> reporter: police have not released details on the type of weapon the shooter was using. they also have not confirmed witness reports that he was wearing a bulletproof vest. but they do say the salon was busy. every hair station was filled. people inside were seeking shelter when the shooting started and when the suspect left, police found him immediately. >> within a minute i would say of the shooting our officers arriving -- our officers were following the suspect.
officials depending themselves just a short time ago against charges that they used excessive violence. >> last night, our officers were assaulted with bottles, rocks, and hazardous materials thrown at them. my command staff gave multiple orders to disperse and declared the assembly unlawful. >> reporter: meanwhile, protestors telling me that there's no doubt in their minds that authorities used excessive force during the clashes. >> a night of violent tussles with tear gas in downtown oakland protestor against police officer in a standoff that was broken up violently. >> who are you protecting! >> reporter: police in riot gear launched tear gas canisters. some protestors fought back with fireworks and were met with rounds of rubber bullets and bean bags. >> i think that the action of the police are totally wrong here. >> reporter: protestors we spoke to claim a few of their own crossed the line busting windows but say the police response was unnecessarily violent. >> there were no rubber bullets used this evening here. >> reporter: that's what authorities said in a late night press co
in california or the nation. >> for us, we haven't seen an impact. but people ask, we have a different business model and it's predicated on innovative new technology. >> reporter: in belmont there are about 150 employees working in this new building. the company plans to expand to 500. it's not just administrative jobs here. there's going to be a data monitoring center to monitor some of the solar fields around the country. there's also going to be a laboratory here. so good news for belmont and they hope for the solar industry, as well. >> great to see them choosing california. all right. marks sierra in belmont , mark sayre in belmont, thank you. >>> the jobs plan has faced tough opposition from republicans ever since president obama introduced it last month. today san jose city leaders joined representative mike honda to pledge their support. >> we urge bipartisan action to put politics aside and think about the families and the small business owners who are struggling. >> neither the republican- controlled house nor the democrat-led senate have voted on the plan yet. >> their beef is that
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21